iConstruct 2014:  The Most Powerful BIM Tool Yet

iConstruct 2014 is now available and ready to deliver increased efficiency and quick results in an easy to use format. Featuring a range of new modules and options, iConstruct 2014 is more powerful than ever before, which means even greater project solutions and benefits. The latest iConstruct release offers the following key features: 

Smart DWG Exporter

smart dwg exporterThis ground breaking new module allows you to convert your navisworks models, or part of them, to standard .dwg format that can be read by many native CAD applications. The DWG file will contain any additional “xdata” intelligence from any Navisworks properties in the original file.

The export is based on either using polyface mesh or convert to solids (where there is perfect geometry). There is also the ability to export the model & lay the model based on any Navisworks data.

Exporting directly to dwg, for interfacing, modeling, visualization or animation has never been an option, until now. Existing export functionality out of Navisworks has been previously extremely limited and not usable.

Smart DWFx Exporter

Smart DWFx ExporterDWFx file format is used to represent rich design and allows for integration with many applications such as CostX estimating software. iConstruct enhanced DWFx Exporter simplifies the existing export to DWFx by stripping out unrequired data on the way.

The use of Integrator and Reconstruct prior to exporting to DWFx will streamline your workflow into CostX by reorganizing the models to a more usable format and ensures seamless integration.

Smart IFC Exporter

Center of GravityExport your Navisworks models to IFC format with all associated model data. (IFC 2x3 file as BREP objects)

This allows greater interoperability between modelling platforms such as Revit, Tekla, SmartPlant and others. Flexibility is critical in BIM workflows and this is enhanced with iConstruct’s various export formats.

ReviewTRACK (preview version)

Clash Results ManagerReviewTRACK (preview version) is an enhanced cloud-based messaging and collaboration using centralized Viewpoints. It delivers a powerful tagline and hierarchical commenting system completely independent from Navisworks comments. You can define as many properties for each comment as your projects need, Import and export viewpoints with comments and all taglines from XML files and more importantly, access all the data with no need to run Navisworks.


Revit Data SwitchbackTake your model processing workflow to the next level with BIM-Flow – using the intuitive workflow designer, put your ideas into practice and allow for powerful automation of many of iConstruct’s modules as well as Navisworks own features.

By processing 100’s of models at any time, you can automate overnight processing of any Navisworks-compliant source into your standard BIM specification including:

  • Linking Databases to the model
  • Reconstructing models
  • Running Audits
  • Copying, moving and renaming files

Laser Point Creator

The Laser Point Creator Module within iConstruct is designed to allow the end user to Workpack existing Navisworks Assemblies & Create Related User Defined, Workpoint Geometry, for Export to .CSV file. This file is imported into Laser Station to aid in Fabrication using Laser Technology where taping & measuring is problematic.

  • Features a Simple User Interface to create Workpoint Geometry
  • Allows Exporting Workpoint information to .csv file for import to Laser Station
  • It also allows the Export of Workpoint Geometries as .dwg file format

See iConstruct 2014 Brochure